What We Do


  • Volunteering at Mason County Animal Control and promoting the dogs available for adoption there 
  • Rescuing and fostering dogs
  • Promoting dog related organizations, events, resources and businesses to locals and tourists 
  • Discussing everything dog on our Facebook Group, including sharing "lost dog" posts and photos to help reunite pets with their owners
  • Creating and distributing educational materials



  • Distributing our "Dog Friendly" brochure in the Mason County area
  • Building a local "dog resources" directory
  • Making Scottville more dog friendly



  • Food Pantry with The Lakeshore Resource Network
  • Bark for Life 2018



  • Central Bark Dog Park located in Cartier Park in Ludington, MI.
  • "Dogs in Hot Cars" fliers and stickers
  • Downtown Ludington Dog Friendly stickers 
  • Downtown Ludington dog water bowls
  • Pet Oxygen Masks for our local fire departments and surrounding counties 


Donations are tax deductible and support these efforts, projects and any other expenses incurred in our attempt to help area canines and their families. 

Our Mission

"Our mission is to make Mason County more dog friendly, through community oriented projects, education and animal welfare."